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Last night Jimmy Kimmel invited Kanye West on to his show to “sqaush their beef.” You can read all about this beef here. In this 6 part interview with a MUST SEE interlude in Part 4, Kanye and Kimmel go over what happened in their fight from last week. And when I say “go over what happened” what I really mean is Kanye goes on 4-minute rants about how amazing he is and how he wants to change the world but not without unnaturally mentioning the 30-150 people he has worked with, all while Kimmel kisses his ass. There are definitely moments of clarity during which I thought, “I mean the man has a point.” But that thought was fleeting and was immediately followed by, “wait what the fuck is he talking about now?” 

It takes a few minutes to ease into because I don't know about you but Kanye makes me extremely uncomfortable. 

If you're not going to watch any of it just do me a favor and watch the beginning of Part 4… and maybe Part 5 because that shit might as well have been in Punjabi. 


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