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“If only you could give her the miracle her heart longs foryou would. But you cant. So you give her what you can: your whispers. Your prayers.”

By Rebekah Fox

You have that friend that miscarried her baby.And she doesnt know, your heart aches for her all the time.

She doesnt see your eyes well with tears, when you think of her.

She doesnt hear you, when you whisper a prayer for her.

God, heal her womb.

Heal her


Your whispers are so quiet,she cant hear them.

But God hears.

And they matter.


Youhave that friend that cant conceive.The one that is trying.

To smile.

To wait.


And doctors dont know whyshe cant. Or how long it will be.

And you think of her in her waiting. You think of her months that feel like years, and her years that feel like centuries. Because just as the Proverb says, A hope deferred, makes the heart sick. And you feel like if anyone on earth should have this blessingit would be her.And she would be the most amazing mom. And if only you could give her the miracle her heart longs foryou would. But you cant.

So you give her what you can: your whispers. Your prayers.

God, open her womb.

Open her arms.

Open her


Please bring Your life there.


You have that friend with the high-risk pregnancy. The one that has been prescribed bedrest.And you go and visit her while she in in couch prison.You go to make sureshes okay. You go to make sure that in her stillnessshe doesnt stagnate. You go to play with her toddler, and to make sure she doesnt make her own peanut-butter and jelly sandwich. (Even though she wants to.) You go to paint her nails, and bring her flowers, and life. Because she needs it. And you know she would do the same for you. In a heartbeat.

Meanwhile, a fragile heartbeat is beating within her.

And as you drive home, you think of him, the one she is carrying.Of thetiny person, who God is forming in her. Needing her stillness and warmth.

And you let out a whisper,

God, let this baby live.

And thrive.

And grow.

(And months later, when you meet her baby boy, alive, and well, and with chubby cheeks and legs, you just cant stop smiling and wiping away the tears. The answer to your whispered prayers.)


They are just whispers.

They are prayers so quiet, no one ever hears.

Except God.

And we sometimes forget that: thewords we whisper over the wombs of our friends matter.

Theymatter more than we will ever know on this side of heaven.

You know that friend of yours?

She needs your whispers today.

Even if she never hears them.

God hears them. And acts on behalf of them.

Prayer is His idea. He tells us to pray.

Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. (James 5:16)

Powerful and effective.

Maybe your whispers do more than you think they do.

Maybe your prayers do more than you could ever possibly imagine.

Maybe if you could see (with your own eyes) the effects of your prayersyou would be praying all the time, and for everyone.

But often we cant seethats the essence of faith.

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. (Hebrews 11:1)

Moses couldnt see ahead of time how the Red Sea would part when an enemy army was right behind himhe just saw that he couldnt go any furtherso he prayed.

It was Gods job to make a way.

And He did.

We cant always see how God is going to answer.

But He does answer. Its not our job to figure out how, or when He is going to answer.

Its our job to cry out to Himlike the Father He is.

And its our job to cry out for our friendsespecially when they are too weary, and broken, and tired to cry out for themselves.


Dont stop praying for her. She needs you.

And she needs your whispers.

They are powerful and effective.

Though she may never hear them,

God hears them.

And He is able

to do exceedingly and immeasurably more than all we could ask or imagine.

About the Author:Rebekah Fox struggled with infertility for several years before giving birth to her daughter, Selah, in 2013. She writes to give hope to women in the midst of infertility, motherhood, and marriage on her blog Rebekah and her husband, Brandon, live in Pennsylvania and in their downtime like to sing, songwrite, and brew the darkest coffee possible. They are expecting their second miracle this December. Connect with her on her website,Facebook, oremail.



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