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Rusty the red panda gave officials at Washington’s National Zoo a pretty good scare when he disappeared today. But he isn’t the first zoo animal to make a break for it. – [mental_floss]

Andrew Garfield and his Spider-Man 2 stunt double happen to share a pretty solid resemblance. But check out these 15 celebs and their doubles: That isn’t always the case. – []

Google Street View is taking its cameras to the top of the world’s talling building. Take a vertigo-inducing look at how they’re doing it. – [The Atlantic Tech]

Yes, this woman looks like she’s only pretending to be on the phone. But she’s actually wearing… Bluetooth gloves. – [Betabeat]

This is the Amargosa Opera House in Death Valley Junction, California. As photographer David Leventi’s work shows, the world’s opera houses really are stunning. – [Slate]

Today in short-lived, quickly-forgotten sitcoms: The Michael Richards Show. – [Splitsider]

How do 90s music icons like Liz Phair look back on the 90s? Not as nostalgically as you might think. – [Flavorwire]

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