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1. Popstars: The Rivals brought together Nadine…

5. and Sarah, to create the greatest band of our time.

6. And they knew it too.

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7. Their rivals One True Voice long forgotten…

8. Girls Aloud went No.1 with ‘Sound Of The Underground’ in 2002.

9. How many weeks did it spent at number One? Four. Yeah. Four.

10. And then they followed it up with THIS.

12. Next came ‘Life Got Cold’. Nailed it.

Next came 'Life Got Cold'. Nailed it.

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14. Debut album? Went platinum.

15. UK’s biggest selling girl group of the 21st century? You’re looking at them.

16. When one of Busted mocked Nicola for being ginger, she fought back.

17. They were soon appearing on magazine covers like this one.

18. And this one.

19. Of course, they went on to experience even greater success. But we’ll always remember those early days.

20. So… Kimberley, thank you.

25. Girls Aloud: 2002-2013.

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