Pensar Acreditar

20 tatuagens inspirado crafting


1. Knitting Mittens Tattoo

2. “Happy Hooker” Tattoo

Don’t worry, it’s a crochet term.

3. Sewing Machine Tattoo

4. Needlepoint Tattoo

5. “Knit Purl” Knuckle Tats

Read the sweet story behind these here.

6. Yarn Heart Tattoo

7. Mason Jar Vase Tattoo

Remember: Mason jars can become anything.

9. Knitted Heart Tattoo

By Dovetail Tattoo

10. “Make & Bake” Tattoo

"Make & Bake" Tattoo

View this image ›

12. “Knitting Nerd” Tattoo

14. Knitting Cat Tattoo

This crafter is knitting an arm-warmer/ tattoo cover. Meta.

15. Paintbrush Tattoo

16. Sewing Scissors Tattoo

17. “Hook Fast, Die Warm” Tattoo

18. Craft Anarchy Tattoo

For the hardcore crafter.

19. Not up for such a long-term commitment? These temporary tattoos are inexpensive and wash right off.

Buy a set of 7 here.

20. The seller also makes nail decals, for the subtlest possible display of craft-love.

Buy them here unless I have already bought them all first, sorry.

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