Pensar Acreditar

18 alimentos pouco felizes que acreditam em você


1. “You deserve a slice of happiness pie today!”

2. “Persimmon me timbers, you’re doin’ a great job with today!”

3. “Turnip that frown upside down!”

4. “Just dropping by to say yo-gurt!”

5. “Use your noodle to remember how amazing you are!”

6. “An apple a day keeps me saying ‘heeeeeey!’”

7. “We tomato-tally believe in you!”

8. “Why don’t you croque-get yourself over here for a hug!”

9. “Today, I’m a thrilled cheese just to see you!

"Today, I'm a thrilled cheese just to see you!

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10. “I’m here as a personal pick-me-cupcake!”

11. “I think you’re soup-er!”

12. “I want to tort-see-a smile on your face pronto!”

13. “I’m not being cheesy when I say how much I love you!”

14. “Time to get real calm-mato. You can do it!”

15. “Call me nuts, but I think you’re great!”

16. “I can’t brie-lieve how well you’re doing!”

17. “Milk today for all it’s worth!”

18. “I’m just so happy su-shi you!”

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