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18 dicas de estilo fabuloso de idosos


1. Pile on those bracelets!

After all, isn’t that what forearms are for?

2. Add a pop of color against an all black ensemble!

3. When it comes to hats, the bigger the better.

4. Coordinate with a friend.

5. Top off your look with a turban.

Bonus points if your hair matches!

Not clear if this is a turban or a hat. Or a french pastry.

6. Eyewear is everything.

And get a little creative with lipstick!

7. You can never have too much suiting.

8. Color is your best friend.

9. Pattern is your other BFF.

Pattern is your other BFF.

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Great way to call attention as you hail a cab.

(Champagne is also a good friend.)

10. Dyed hair doesn’t have to mean a blue rinse.

Grey is passe.

11. A good fur (real or faux) lasts forever.

Vintage pierces are a fairer alternative if your fur coat must be real.

Or simply carry your furry friend.

12. Helmet hair is, in fact, a good thing.

The legendary Lynn Yeager.

13. If it looks unwearable, it’s probably perfect.

14. There’s no such thing as too much leopard.

16. Get really creative with accessories.

17. And don’t forget to werk it.

18. But above all else…

… forget what anyone thinks and do what makes YOU happy!

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