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15 cartões de dia das mães para mães lésbicas maravilhosas


1. It can be hard to find the perfect card for two moms, so here are a few to get you started:

Grab it here.

2. Get this Etsy card here.

4. The inside of this card reads: “You really stand out in a crowd! Happy Mother’s Day to both my moms- I feel doubly blessed with you in my life!”

Grab it here.

5. This company specializes in LGBT greeting cards.

Check them out.

7. Charlie Sheen Card? Why not. Grab it here.

8. Send this lady bug e-card here.

9. Excellent LGBT cards for every type of family.

Excellent LGBT cards for every type of family .

View this image ›

10. Double the moms, double the fun.

Purchase this card here.

12. Simple and to the point. Grab this card here.

13. Inside reads, “To the best moms ever.”

Grab it here.

14. And, of course, the token lesbian cat card:

Grab it here.

15. Don’t forget your other half:

Inside text reads, “You know, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for being a part of my life and to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!” Buy this card here.

All else fails? Say it with a mug.

Or with an adorable t-shirt:

Here’s to all the two mom families out there.

Even if your kids have to buy double the gifts this weekend.

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